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the best pay as you go SIM for your smartphone
The best offer for your smartphone – is Orange Free PAYG offer, where you get:
  • starting credit: 20 PLN + 1 GB for free
  • free Internet after each top-up
  • calls from 0.29 PLN per minute
Exceptional freedom of usage — with Orange Free
Pay as you go SIM you get free data transfer after each top-up,
and cheap calls from 0.29 PLN/min.
0.01 PLN / 100 kB
1 minute
0.29 PLN
1 text
0.20 PLN
0.40 PLN
extras after top-up:
top-up value
get in total*
validity of top-up and extras
200 MB
2 days
10 PLN
248 MB
5 days
25 PLN
1.25 GB
1 month
50 PLN
2.75 GB
3 months
100 PLN and more
7 GB
5 months
* total MB/GB, provided all top-up money is used for data connections.
Where to buy?
pay as you go SIM cards are available in Orange
shops, selected petrol stations and kiosks.
Micro SIM / Standard SIM
IM card can be adjusted to fit your smartphone.
Each pay as you go SIM card is available
in standard size, with easy way of snapping
out a MicroSIM.
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